Please advice on Lock box for keys

After locking myself out of my home multiple times due to slam-lock doors and high winds, I purchased a Master Lock 5423EurD to store a house key. Despite watching decoding attacks on YouTube, I lack the skill to compromise the mechanism, or it has been modified to prevent pressure on the release bar from revealing the code. The box itself seems secure.

Should I be concerned about the box being attacked in place or taken away? Would upgrading the included fixings to something more robust prevent it from being taken?

Edit: I cannot fit a coded lock as the door accepts only Euro profile cylinders. Please refrain from answering the question you wanted me to ask!

If you are concerned about the security of your Master Lock 5423EurD lockbox, especially regarding potential attacks in place or theft, upgrading the included fixings to something more robust could help enhance its security. Consider using high-quality screws and anchors designed for outdoor use to prevent the box from being easily removed. Additionally, ensure the lockbox is installed in a discreet location that is not easily accessible to unauthorized individuals. Regularly check the box for signs of tampering or damage.