Peephole alternative for rental apartment

I live in an old house with different apartments. The main front door is always open, so anyone can come in. My apartment door doesn’t have a hole to look through. I asked my landlord, but I can’t add one.

Is there another way? I just want to see who’s outside before I open the door. Usually, it’s just a neighbor or delivery person, but sometimes strangers come in asking for things. I don’t need a fancy doorbell or anything, just something simple to see who’s there without changing my door.

Is there a camera or something like that?

You can install a simple and easy wireless camera outside your door.
Options like Wyse, and Blink could suffice.

When considering installing a camera outside, you have numerous options available. A wireless video doorbell can be easily affixed with double-sided tape. Alternatively, Blink offers outdoor and indoor cameras without the need for a subscription; simply attach them and access live footage on your phone. Look for video doorbell models equipped with anti-theft features for added security.