Outdoor security camera with 24/7 continuous recording on SD card - do they exist?

Looking for a home security system which can record locally, 24/7, preferably on an SD card. I don’t have a problem keeping the camera plugged in , but want to avoid running Ethernet cables for the PoE systems.

I’m guessing that possibly wyze cams can work but wondering if reolinks will work without setting up the NVR?

Any suggestions would be welcome!

There are outdoor security cameras that offer 24/7 continuous recording straight to an SD card. This is a popular option for people who want to avoid cloud storage fees and maintain complete control over their footage. Cameras like Wyze and Reolink offer this feature, allowing you to pop in a high-capacity microSD card (up to 256GB in some cases) and record for weeks on end. The downside is that the SD card will eventually fill up, and the camera will overwrite the oldest recordings in a loop. To avoid missing crucial footage, consider a larger card or emptying it periodically.