Outdoor security camera, 24/7 with no subscription

Hey people Any suggestions? As long as I can close my door without damaging the wire, wireless is ideal but not necessary.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you’re looking for suggestions related to something that involves a wire but can accommodate closing a door without causing damage. If you’re thinking about something like headphones or speakers, wireless options are convenient but not essential. For headphones, consider models with a durable and flexible wire that won’t get caught or tangled easily when you close the door. Alternatively, wireless options give you more freedom of movement without worrying about wires altogether. For speakers, wireless Bluetooth speakers can be placed conveniently without needing to worry about wires being in the way. Ultimately, whether you choose wired or wireless depends on your specific needs for usage and convenience.

Unifi has no subscription. Dream machine pro with a hard drive and cams. Great monitoring cloud software.