Old Honeywell security system BF Code, any way to clear?

Hello, So I have had my house for like 5 years now. Never activated the alarm service but activated the chime. I like just making the noise when doors open. The other day it just started beeping constantly and flashing code BF. If I keep the chime on it just beeps randomly so I deactivated the chime. Is there anyway to just clear this code out so I can re-enable the chime? I guess the GSM box in my closet lost connectivity according to my googling. The Keypad model is a Honeywell M7240

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Your system is looking for a long-range radio, hence the error code is 6f or bf (back-up Failure).

To programme the Vista P-Series Systems to communicate only through an Alarm Net device and never through the dialer, do the following functions:
Enter programming. Enter the Installer Code (default: 4112) + [8] + [00]. You should see either 20 (fixed keypad) or Installer Code 20 (Alpha keypad). If you don’t know the installation code, you can utilise the backdoor approach to access programming.
Remove the telephone number. Type [41]. You should hear three beeps. Type [42]. Again, you should hear three beeps.
Programme dynamic signalling. Enter [*54], then [#15]. Then type [*55] followed by [1].
Exit the programming. Press [*99] to exit system programming.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Power down the system: Completely shut down the system by disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the transformer.
  2. Power it back on: Reconnect the transformer to power the system back on.
  3. Access the system’s backdoor: Use the appropriate method to gain access to the system’s programming.
  4. Change the Installer Code: Update the Installer Code as needed.
  5. Exit programming: Once changes are complete, exit the programming mode