Need help with choosing security cameras

Looking for Advice: Selecting Security Cameras – Any Tips?

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Decide if you need cameras for general surveillance, specific security concerns (like monitoring package deliveries), or both.

Advise: You should look for a 24/7 security camera that offer live feeds and can be displayed on your TV or smartphone. A good example is the Arlo Pro 5S 2K Spotlight Camera. You can find it on find it on amazon for $150. Thank me later

When I picked security cameras for my home, I focused on a few key things that really helped. First, I decided whether I needed cameras for inside, outside, or both. For me, it was both, so I chose cameras that could handle different conditions. I also made sure to get high-resolution cameras (1080p) for clear pictures, which I’m really happy with.

Night vision was a must for me. My cameras see clearly even in the dark, which makes me feel safer at night. I also thought about storage options. I prefer cloud storage because it’s easy to access and I don’t have to worry about running out of space.

Finally, I chose wired cameras for a more reliable power supply, though battery-powered ones are great if you need more flexibility. Brands like Arlo and Nest worked well for me.