Need Battery Powered WiFi Enabled Security Cameras that Continuously Record to an SD or MicroSD Card

I’m not interested in a cloud-based subscription for security cameras. I purchased two Geeni Freebird cameras with MicroSD slots, but I can’t figure out how to set them up for continuous recording to the cards. These battery-powered cameras can last up to three months on a single charge. It seems like most cameras require a monthly subscription to save video effectively. Are there any options available that meet my needs without requiring a subscription?

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continuous recording for 3 months is a stretch to be honest. You would find a camera with that good battery anywhere.

But if you need battery powered WiFi enabled security cameras that continuously record to an SD card, you should try the Amazon’s Blink cameras.

What I love about them

  • They have impressive battery life but be sure to use lithium batteries
  • The Amazon blink will record to an SD card installed on a central hub as long as they’re within Wi-Fi range. If you are recording to the SD and not Amazon Cloud, then you won’t have to pay for a monthly subscription.
  • On sunny days, the Amazon Blink can store solar energy
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I own two Freebird battery-operated cameras. I bought two nooni solar panels. In addition, there are USB C to Micro USB connectors. They continue to be charged at 100%. I’m also interested in continuous recording; have you figured it out? please let me know.