My honest opinion on Ring Vs Nest

In summary, I believe Ring is much better than Nest.

I used a Nest Cam Indoor on the windowsill in our living room. The daytime video quality was great, but the nighttime quality was poor. I couldn’t use the infrared lights because they reflected off the window, so I had to rely on the light from a nearby hallway door at night.

The biggest issues with Nest are the interface and motion detection/notifications. The Nest Cam detected every movement, including trees blowing in the wind and light changes from passing cars. This was not only annoying but also a security problem. I missed important events, like people walking on my driveway, because of the numerous useless alerts.

The most frustrating part was that I couldn’t pause the video when playing back an event on the Nest app.

Today, I installed a Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, and my first impressions are that it is far superior to Nest. The installation was simple, and the build quality is excellent.

Most importantly, Ring’s features are far better than Nest’s. The video and audio quality are superior, and the Ring app is outstanding. Ring accurately detects human presence in my driveway, and I haven’t received any false alarms from random motion. I also appreciate that Ring allows you to adjust the motion detection sensitivity.

I haven’t tested the floodlights or Night Mode in the dark yet, but the lights are very bright, so I’m confident they will work well.

If you’re considering a security camera and comparing Nest to Ring, I can confidently say that Ring is a much better product. Plus, the subscription is €1.00 cheaper per month!

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