Looking for Light Bulb Security Camera that meets my needs

The spouse opposes making any holes in the external concrete wall.

The front porch and the left and right sides of the garage door each feature three light plugs. We currently own smart bulbs, but we are prepared to part with one to use the security camera.

It is what we like best:

no cost for subscriptions.

Local storage is used if there is not a free cloud storage option. SMB shared storage is ideal.

Compatible with Google Assistant.

Any recommendations?

Based on my research, I would recommend considering the Kasa Spot Indoor Smart Security Camera as a great light bulb security camera option. This camera seamlessly integrates into a standard light socket, providing both lighting and security monitoring in one convenient device. The 1080p HD video quality delivers clear footage, and the built-in motion detection and night vision ensure it captures activity even in low light conditions. The Kasa camera also offers two-way audio, so I can communicate with anyone in the room, and it connects to my home’s WiFi network for easy remote access through the Kasa app. The compact, discreet design blends in nicely with my home decor. Plus, it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Overall, the Kasa Spot seems like an excellent choice that meets my needs for a versatile, high-quality light bulb security camera.