Looking for Battery-Powered WiFi-Enabled Security Options?

Searching for Battery-Powered WiFi-Enabled Security Cameras that Record Continuously to an SD or MicroSD Card

I’m in need of battery-powered WiFi-enabled security cameras that can record continuously to an SD or MicroSD card. I’m not interested in cloud-based subscriptions for storing footage. I recently bought two Geeni Freebird cameras with MicroSD slots, but I’m struggling to set them up for continuous recording to the cards. These cameras run on rechargeable batteries and can last up to three months. Many cameras I’ve seen require a monthly subscription to access saved videos, which doesn’t suit my needs. Are there any options available that meet these requirements?

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It’s practically impossible to achieve three months of continuous recording with a battery-powered camera unless you modify it with a significantly larger battery, such as a couple of car batteries, which isn’t very practical.

If you’re willing to reconsider the continuous recording requirement and opt for motion-based recording instead, there are several options available. I personally recommend Amazon’s Blink cameras. They offer impressive battery life (ensure you use lithium batteries, not lithium-ion) and can record to an SD card inserted into a central hub within Wi-Fi range. Additionally, they offer optional solar charging. While Amazon encourages signing up for a monthly plan, it’s not mandatory if you only need SD card recording last time I checked.