Looking for absolute best home security system

I got my first home about a year ago and decided to go with Ring for security. While it did what I needed, I’m not happy that it doesn’t offer a 24/7 live feed.

I want to have two TVs in my home that show live feeds all the time. I prefer the cameras to be wired so I don’t have to keep changing batteries. Also, I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’d like the option to choose which cameras appear on the TV. I’m planning to install around 8-12 cameras both inside and outside the house.

Is there a system like this available?

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Connect the NVR to your TVs using HDMI or VGA cables. Most NVRs allow you to select which cameras are displayed on each monitor.

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You should try the WYZE 24/7 Recording DIY Home Security System. I bought this security system from amazon last year and couldn’t be more happier. It is literally the best and it also offer 24/7 live feed>>>

Congrats on your first home! For a system with 24/7 live feed on two TVs, check out Arlo, Nest, or Reolink. They offer wired cameras, so no battery hassle. You can stream to your TVs using devices like Fire Stick or Chromecast, and you can choose which cameras to show. These brands support multiple cameras for both indoor and outdoor use.