Locks for bedroom doors

Who knows a good bedroom door lock for keeping a pesky roommate out?

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Use pliers to bend ¼ of a fork’s prongs up at a 90-degree angle. Cut the fork’s handle off with wire cutters, leaving about 1 inch (2.5 cm) on the prong end. Open the door and put the bent prongs in the door latch.


Check out Privacy Locks

They can be locked from the inside with a simple turn or push button, and typically can be opened from the outside with a small key or tool in case of emergency.

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You’re using technology to solve a problem between people.

You should talk to your parent(s) about privacy and boundaries.

If you don’t pay rent, the door and room belong to your parent(s). If you just install a slide lock without talking about it, the problem will get worse (like your parent(s) taking the door off the hinges and giving you no privacy). Sit down and discuss why you need privacy, but don’t accuse them or make them defensive.

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Yes, there are various types of locks that you can install on your bedroom door to ensure privacy and prevent unwanted access from the outside. One common type of lock that might suit your needs is a “privacy lock” or “privacy knob/lever.”