Light that turns on when door opens

Looking for advice on setting up a light to switch on automatically when the wardrobe door opens. At the moment, a switch outside the wardrobe controls the light. Though I’m not positive, I’m thinking the door has some kind of sensor.


Your wardrobe likely already contains a door jamb switch for light activation. Here are some ways to achieve automatic lighting when you open the door:

Option 1: Use the Existing Door Jamb Switch (if functional)

  1. Test the Switch: Start by checking if the current switch works. Slowly open the door with it closed to see if the light comes on. If it does, the switch is functional, and you can proceed.
  2. Identify Wire Connections: Find the existing switch on the door jamb, usually with two attached wires. Determine which wire powers the light (typically the black or hot wire) and the wire leading to the light fixture.
  3. Splice the Wire: Carefully cut and splice the wire going to the light fixture. It’s recommended to consult a qualified electrician, especially if you’re not confident with electrical work.
  4. Connect to New Light Fixture (Optional): If you want to upgrade the light fixture, connect the spliced wire to a new light with an internal switch. Many LED light strips or puck lights come with built-in on/off switches activated by motion or touch.

Option 2: Install a New Automatic Light Fixture

If the existing switch isn’t functional or you prefer a new fixture, consider installing a battery-powered LED light with a motion sensor. These lights are widely available at hardware stores and online, easily attaching to the wardrobe interior with adhesive strips and featuring built-in motion sensors for automatic light activation.