Is Vivint worth the price?

Hello, Can anyone tell me if they have Vivent and what they think about it?

Are there better options out there?

Is it worth the money?

Does it work well with Alexa?

Vivint can be a great option if you prioritize convenience and a one-stop shop for security and smart home features. Their equipment is sleek and easy to use, with features like remote access and 24/7 professional monitoring. However, be prepared for the cost. Vivint’s equipment and monitoring fees are steeper than some competitors, and their contracts can lock you in for several years. It’s worth comparing them to DIY systems or local providers who might offer similar features for less.

I’ve been wrestling with the same question about Vivint. They definitely offer a lot of perks, but the cost can be a real head-scratcher.
Vivint is great for user-friendly security and smart home features, but it’s expensive with long contracts and locked-in equipment. Consider your priorities: convenience and top-notch security? Vivint might be worth it. Tight budget or wanting flexibility? Look elsewhere. I’m still researching for a good balance myself.