Is Tuya really that bad?

I’ve seen many people say they don’t like Tuya, but Tuya has lots of devices and is cheaper than other options. Is Tuya really that bad? I’m looking to buy some smart home devices.

Hello, Donna.I may be going against the grain here, but I’ve had decent results with Tuya/SmartLife. They offer more things at cheap pricing.

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Hi people, Tuya is not that bad, Tuya provides affordable IoT solutions, making it accessible for many consumers and small businesses. It supports a broad range of smart home devices, including lights, cameras, sensors, and more, Tuya Smart app is generally well regarded for its ease of use and intuitive interface.

While some people worry about security with Tuya devices, they’re no different from other brands like Kasa, Amazon, or Google. In fact, I’ve been able to control some Tuya devices directly without relying on the internet (local control). This is the ideal situation for privacy. However, for those who prioritize ease of use, Kasa offers a good alternative with a better app and avoids some security concerns.

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Sincerely, I think it is pretty nice. However, the quality of the item varies greatly. The fact that it is a Chinese firm and what it means for privacy concerns a lot of people.