Is there any good motion sensor controlled outlets?

Any recommendations for motion sensor controller outlets? I would like to enter inside my closet and have my wall-mounted backlighting activate automatically.

I tried the “C by GE” plug and sensor, and while it was fast, the setup (timeouts, etc.) would not update unless I deleted everything and started over.

I currently operate a Wyze outlet with Alexa skills and a ring motion sensor. The latency is roughly 5 seconds, which feels far too lengthy.

Any other suggestions? Motion sensor and plug combinations? Is Alexa the bottleneck here? Is there anything faster and more reliable?


I recently started using YoLink products and have been extremely satisfied.


I suspect Alexa might not be the best solution for your needs. If I were tackling this, I’d consider using the new Shelly motion sensors to control the plug. I haven’t tried these sensors yet since they’re brand new, so I’m not sure about their time-out period. You probably wouldn’t want the lights to stay on indefinitely.

In my pantry, I use an occupancy sensor (available on Amazon) connected to an overhead LED light. It turns on when it detects movement and shuts off after about five minutes. This setup has eliminated the stress of finding the door open and lights left on continuously, which is a huge win. I plan to use a similar setup for a couple of nearby closets. However, I’m taking my time because I’m not entirely happy with the wire gauge used in the occupancy sensor for carrying 110 volts and am looking for a better sensor.

For your application, you might consider splitting the outlet power to have the top outlet switched and the bottom outlet unswitched, with an occupancy sensor by the outlet to control the switched outlet. I wouldn’t focus too much on the “smart” aspect of the project since I can’t think of a reason to turn the light on when you’re not nearby. After all, it’s behind a door.

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Just get this from Amazon unless there’s a compelling need for it to be connected to your hub.

GE, White, Wireless Motion-Sensing Control Transmitter with 1 Grounded Outlet Receiver, 30ft. Detection Range, Off after 10 Mins, for Lamps and Other Indoor Lighting, 12751, Sensor Switch