Is there a fence or wire that detects when someone crosses it?

Not a camera or laser, but like a wire you can run on top of your fence that detects when someone touches it or breaks the electric circuit. Does it turn on cameras or call a security company?

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It sounds like you’re describing a type of perimeter intrusion detection system, commonly used for security purposes.

These systems typically work by sensing changes in electrical conductivity when someone touches or breaks the wire, triggering an alarm.

Depending on the setup, the alarm could activate cameras to start recording or notify a security company or property owner directly.

Are you considering installing such a system for your property? If so, I can provide more information on how they work and the different options available.

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Yes, there are security systems that use an invisible infrared beam to detect when someone crosses a line. These systems can create a beam up to 60 feet long and can sound an alarm or chime when the beam is interrupted.

HELLO guys, I really like this Forum.

It’s fascinating how security technology has evolved to create invisible boundaries.

It’s like something out of a spy movie, where an intruder crosses an invisible line and suddenly alarms blare, and lights flash.

It’s a testament to human ingenuity that we can now protect our properties with such sophisticated systems.