Is there a Doorbell camera that works without WiFi?

Is there a video doorbell that doesn’t need the internet? I want to buy a Ring doorbell, but there’s a problem. I only have internet through my mobile hotspot. It works when I’m home, but when I’m out, I take my hotspot with me for work. So, I need something that works without internet. I want one for my front and back doors, with motion detection. This is my first time buying a video doorbell, so I need advice. Thanks!

Yes, video doorbells that do not require Wi-Fi are plenty in the market. The good thing about doorbells with Wi-Fi is the ability for it to store your videos on the cloud making u able to access the videos from a remote place.
However, if you choose doorbells that do not have Wi-Fi, you will have to use a microSD card for storage. This means that you have to remove the storage and view it on a laptop computer or phone. It depends on what machine you have. They are also easy to install and compatible with most homes.
But I’d be worrisome about getting a video doorbell camera that doesn’t use Wi-Fi and still expect it to have motion-sensing capabilities as this feature relies on cloud services that are accessed through Wi-Fi

While Doorbell cameras with WiFi come with their numerous advantages, you may at a point wanna consider cameras that do not require WiFi for one reason or another.
And of course, if you are wondering if they are available in the market the simple answer is yes they are.
A common example of this type of camera is the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell (AVD1001B).