Is there a brand of motion sensing flood light that is designed for a ceiling mount?

I have been shopping a lot for flood lights with motion sensors. I intend to place one on every corner of my home. They installed junction boxes in the soffit when I had the house built. Almost all affordably priced motion sensor lights were meant to be wall-mounted. Does this work mounted on the soffit? is a question that is asked in almost every Q&A. Always is the response. That mounting arrangement isn’t as effective for the motion sensor. Please provide a hand. I would want not to go over $400 in spending.


Consider adjustable flood lights like the LEONLITE or LUTEC brands, which are suitable for soffit mounting and offer good motion sensor sensitivity. These options typically fall within your budget and can efficiently cover all corners of your home with effective lighting and security features.


I’m in the same boat. What did you buy in the end? Everything I’ve looked at seems to work less well as a motion detector because it has to be mounted on a soffit.

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Search for RAB lights. They’re suitable for mounting on a soffit. You can assemble any lights with a 3-hole cover, 2 light arms, and a motion sensor.

I recommend going for LEONLITE LED Security Light.This security light is designed for both wall and eave (soffit) mounting, making it a versatile option. It has adjustable heads and motion sensors that can be directed to improve detection from the soffit.

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Your problem can be solved by going for a Hyperikon LED Security Light. This security light can be mounted in various positions, including the soffit. It also has adjustable motion sensors and heads.

Look for the Heath Zenith HZ-5872. It comes with dual-bright lighting and adjustable motion sensors and can be mounted on the soffit.

I appreciate the suggestion. James Spader. Regarding adjustable flood lights, I’ll research the brands LUTEC and LEONLITE. It’s wonderful that they have outstanding motion sensor sensitivity and can be mounted on soffits. Thank you for assisting me in locating an affordable and efficient lighting system!

Olivia Martinez, I appreciate your recommendation. With its movable heads and motion sensors for enhanced detection, the LEONLITE LED Security Light seems like a useful and efficient choice. Definitely, I’ll give it some thought for my needs. Thank you for the advice!

If you just want a basic floodlight, yes, you can save quite a bit of money by buying the cover, light sockets, and motion sensor separately. Wiring them is very easy: connect all the white wires together, then connect the red wire from the sensor to the lights, and finally connect the black wire from the house to the black wire on the sensor.