Is Cove security good or bad?

Hi, Are you thinking about getting a Cove security system for your home? Has anyone used one before? Was it good or bad?

Around three years ago, we opted for Cove to safeguard our home. From the outset, we grappled with their security panel, which frequently lost connection with the sensors. Doors would open without a chime from the panel, and alarms failed to sound. Despite my efforts, including installing repeaters in two different areas of the house, the issue persisted about half of the time. Moreover, the siren’s feeble sound was barely audible from our bedroom. Then, one day, approximately six months into our subscription, Cove alerted us while I was out running errands, claiming they had received a fire alarm signal. Rushing home, accompanied by the fire department, we found no smoke detector sounding off. The sensor that purportedly triggered the alarm was merely ten feet away from the panel. Cove’s explanation was that it momentarily dropped offline, causing confusion in the panel. The last straw came when the panel suddenly died while we were on vacation. That incident prompted an immediate cancellation of our Cove subscription. We swiftly switched to another company that could utilize our existing Cove sensors, as they operated on the Honeywell/Resideo frequency. Since then, we haven’t encountered a single issue. It wasn’t the sensors causing trouble; it was Cove’s unreliable panel.

We suggest Cove if you’re looking for 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup. Cove requires all users to pay a monthly fee, which includes professional monitoring, cellular backup, and other features. Additionally, Cove offers a DIY installation process that our experts found easy to complete when installing and testing the security system.