How to turn off home security alarm


I’m seeking professional guidance on safely disabling the existing home security system without triggering any alarms, fire sprinklers, or emergency calls to the fire department or police.

Recently, I purchased a townhome equipped with this system, which the previous owner hasn’t utilized in six years. The power bricks associated with it feel warm to the touch, prompting my desire to disconnect the system entirely. However, it appears to be linked to our sprinkler system.

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My tentative plan involves unplugging the backup battery from the main control board in the master closet and subsequently disconnecting the wall power supply. However, my primary concern is avoiding any activation of the sprinklers or triggering loud, unmanageable alarms.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations on local professionals who could assist with this matter. I’m located in Dallas, TX, if that information proves pertinent.

Thank you for your assistance.


Here’s a simpler guide to safely disable a home security alarm system without triggering alarms or sprinklers That i too used to disable the alarm:

Steps to Disable a Home Security Alarm

  1. Safety First:

    • Make sure there is no active break-in. If there is, focus on your safety first.
    • If it’s safe, continue with the steps.
  2. Enter Your Alarm Code:

    • Use your alarm code to try deactivating the system through the keypad.
    • If the code doesn’t work or you don’t know it, proceed to the next steps.
  3. Check the Backup Battery:

    • Find the main control panel (usually near an entry door).
    • Open it and locate the backup battery.
    • Disconnect the battery by removing the red wire first, then the black wire.
  4. Inspect the Transformer:

    • If the keypad shows “no AC,” it means there’s a power issue.
    • Ensure the transformer plug is securely connected to the wall outlet.
    • If it’s loose, plug it back in. If it doesn’t fix the issue, unplug the transformer to stop the alarm.
  5. Check the Landline Connection (if applicable):

    • Some systems use a landline for communication.
    • Pick up your phone and check for a dial tone. If there’s no dial tone, your landline might be dead.
  6. Consult the Manual or Get Professional Help:

    • Look at your user manual for specific instructions related to your system.
    • If nothing works, contact the alarm company or a professional technician for help.

Additional Tips:

  • User Manual: Refer to the manual for your specific alarm system.
  • Professional Help: For local help in Dallas, TX, contact security companies or electricians specializing in alarm systems.

Remember, your safety is the priority. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to get professional assistance.

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There are different ways to stop a house alarm, depending on what type of alarm you have:

  1. Using the keypad: Most alarms have a keypad where you type in a code to turn it off.
  2. Using a remote control: Some alarms come with a remote you can use to turn it off from far away.
  3. Using a smartphone app: Many new alarms can be controlled with an app on your phone, so you can turn it off from anywhere.
  4. Using the control panel: Some alarms have a control panel you can use to turn it off.

Remember, it’s not okay to turn off your alarm without knowing how or without permission. If you’re not sure, ask the company who made it or a professional for help.