How to Reset a Hikvision Camera Back to Factory Defaults

What are the steps involved in resetting a Hikvision camera back to its factory defaults? I’m encountering issues with my camera’s settings and believe that restoring it to its original configuration might help.


This is easy!!!.. Here’s how to reset your Hikvision camera to factory settings to solve your error.

  1. Unplug the camera’s power cord.
  2. Find the tiny reset button on the camera (it might be hidden).
  3. While holding the reset button, plug the camera back in.
  4. Keep holding the button for 15 seconds, even after the camera turns on.
  5. Let go of the button.

After Reset:

  • The camera will forget all your old settings, like username and password.
  • You’ll need to set it up again from scratch using a computer program or a web browser.
  • If you’re resetting remotely, there’s a way to keep the camera’s internet address so you can still access it. Ask a techie friend for help with this if needed.
  • Finally, update the camera’s software to the latest version for better security. This is like getting a security patch for your computer.
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I had the same problem but I managed to fix it

To reset it with ease follow the simple steps I also followed to fix my issue

  • Ensure the device remains powered on during the reset process and complete the process within 24 hours.
  • Run SADP on a computer connected to the same local network as your device.
  • Locate your device in the SADP device list.
  • Select the device and choose “Forgot password” from the right panel.
  • Choose the option to reset the password by generating a code.
  • If you are a registered installer, email the file to Hikvision at
  • If you are an end user, email the file to your installer or supplier. For devices purchased from connected, email the file to
  • Receive a file back from Hikvision.
  • In the “Forgot password” area within SADP, upload the file provided by Hikvision.
  • If the device has remained powered on and the file is uploaded within 24 hours, set a new master password and access your device.