How do you reset a Wiz light?

I have two lights that still follow their schedule but are no longer connected to the mobile app. I’ve attempted to reconnect them several times without success. I also have a Wiz outlet that is connected, so it doesn’t seem to be a Wi-Fi issue (using a Google Wi-Fi router). Is there a way to reset these lights to their factory settings?

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Flip the light switch off and then on again five times, waiting for a moment between each toggle, approximately one to two seconds.

Turn the lights on and off five times until they start pulsing. Then, proceed with the pairing process.

Try Turn the light off and then back on five times in a row. [After the fifth cycle, the light should start pulsing white or blue, indicating that it’s been reset and is in pairing mode]

Sync them to the old router, delete them from the app, then sync to the new router. worked for me when I had a similar issue

Most smart lights are reset by turning them on/off about 3 to 5 times until they begin to flash rapidly which indicates they are reset and back on.