How Do I Disable Walk Test on My ADT System - Help Needed

Hey everyone, I accidentally triggered the “Walk Test” on my ADT system and now it keeps beeping whenever I move around. Not ideal. I looked through the manual, but I can’t seem to find clear instructions on how to turn it off. Does anyone here with an ADT system know how to disable the Walk Test mode? Is it something I can do on the control panel itself, or do I need to contact ADT customer service?

Hey Nelly, To disable Walk Test on your ADT system, use the keypad: Access the user menu (refer to your manual for details), locate the Walk Test option, and disable it. If you have the ADT+ app, find and turn off “Test Mode” in the settings. If you encounter issues, consult your ADT manual or contact their support for assistance. Remember, disabling Walk Test silences alarms during testing, so only do it when you intend to test your system.

This, but you can get by without giving them a call. Enter the MyADT site and run a test on your system. Notifications from Pulse may still reach you, but the monitoring center won’t be able to view them. After you’re done, switch your panel to walk test mode to make sure all of your sensors are still in contact with it.