How do I cancel ADT service?

What’s the process for canceling ADT service? I need to end my ADT subscription and would appreciate clear, step-by-step instructions. Can someone who has canceled ADT service before share their experience and any tips for a smooth cancellation?

To cancel your ADT service, follow these steps:

  1. Contact ADT: Call ADT’s customer service at 800-238-2727 to initiate the cancellation process. You may need to provide your account information and verify your identity.

  2. Request Cancellation: Inform the customer service representative that you want to cancel your ADT service. Be prepared to provide a reason for cancellation, although this is not always necessary.

  3. Schedule Equipment Return: ADT may require you to return any leased equipment, such as control panels or sensors. They will provide instructions on how to return the equipment and any associated fees.

  4. Confirm Cancellation: After your request is processed, ask for confirmation of your cancellation in writing. This can be via email or mail.

  5. Final Bill: Pay any remaining balance on your account, including early termination fees if applicable.

Tips for a smooth cancellation:

  • Be polite but firm. Customer service representatives may try to persuade you to keep your service. Stay focused on your decision to cancel.
  • Keep records of all communications with ADT, including the date and time of your cancellation request and the name of the representative you spoke with.
  • Return any equipment promptly to avoid additional fees.

It’s also helpful to hear from others who have canceled ADT service. If you have experience canceling ADT, please share any tips or insights you have!

Regrettably, ADT does not permit service cancellation online or via email.
Here’s the process for canceling your ADT service:

Call ADT Customer Service:
The most direct method is to contact ADT’s customer service line, typically at 1-800-ADT-ASAP (1-800-238-2727).
Expect to answer verification questions and have your account details ready.
Prepare for Early Termination Fees:
ADT contracts often include early termination fees if canceled before the contract term ends, which can amount to a significant portion of remaining monthly payments.
During the call, discuss any early termination fees and negotiate if feasible, particularly if dissatisfied with the service or for legitimate reasons.
Request Written Confirmation:
After finalizing the cancellation over the phone, request written confirmation of the cancellation and termination date. This email serves as documentation for any potential billing disputes.
Equipment Return:
ADT may require returning leased equipment. Instructions for returning equipment are typically provided.
Be Aware of Automatic Payments:
Cancel any automatic payments directly with your bank to prevent charges after service termination.
Consider Alternatives to Cancellation:
Before canceling, consider these options:
Downgrade Your Service: Explore downgrading to a more basic monitoring package to reduce costs.
Transfer Service: If moving, inquire about transferring your ADT service to your new location.
Following these steps ensures a successful cancellation process while avoiding unnecessary inconvenience.
Remember, maintaining a polite yet assertive demeanor during cancellation discussions, including any associated fees, is advisable.

If you would like to cancel your account, please call 1-800-ADT-ASAP. Please note that if you wish to cancel services with ADT, it may be helpful to have your contract available. If you do not have a copy of your contract you can find it by logging in to MyADT.