How can you extend the range of your WiFi?

What is the best way to make WiFi reach the garage and backyard that are not connected to the house?

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Enhance Your Home WiFi Range with These 8 Tips

  1. Try Different Frequencies.
  2. Relocate Your Router.
  3. Secure Your Network with a Password.
  4. Keep Router Firmware Updated.
  5. Disconnect Unused Devices.
  6. Consider Investing in a WiFi Extender.
  7. Upgrade Your Hardware When Necessary.
  8. Select an Internet Provider that Fits Your Needs.
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You can add longer antennas to increase range, provided the antenna is rated for the appropriate frequency. Of course! Generally speaking, larger antennas provide higher gains, higher power output, and longer range. Yes, that is oversimplified, but it will work most of the time.

Make a trench, bury a few Ethernet cables, and connect one to an access point.

How is this related to home security?

Hello Lenox, Install a directional WiFi antenna on your house, aimed at your garage or backyard. This concentrates the signal in that direction, enhancing connectivity in those detached areas.