Home Security Comparison: ADT vs VIVINT

I recently moved into a new home and was surprised when an ADT salesperson showed up at my door offering a home security system for $55 per month. The deal includes professional installation and all the necessary equipment at no cost upfront, but there’s a catch—I’d need to pay a $99 activation fee and commit to a 3-year contract. I’m wondering if this offer is worth it.

Upon researching alternatives, I found that Vivint offers a package at $60 per month but requires a hefty upfront equipment fee of $3400.

Given these options, I’m unsure whether to go with ADT. While the free hardware is appealing, the lengthy contract is a downside. Essentially, I’d be paying for the equipment over the course of three years. Are there any better solutions out there? I’m open to exploring other options that offer a balance between affordability and flexibility.

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Both ADT and Vivint offer different pros and cons. ADT’s upfront cost is lower with free equipment but comes with a 3-year contract. Vivint has a higher upfront cost but offers flexibility. Consider researching other providers for a balance of affordability and flexibility, such as SimpliSafe or Frontpoint.

It’s common for salespeople to visit new homeowners, and ADT’s offer of free equipment with a 3-year contract can be tempting at first glance.