Help on recording AXIS Companion Eye LVE

Hello everyone,

I have had 5 Axis Companion Eye LVE cameras for about a year. I didn’t buy the Companion recorder, assuming I could store recordings on my Windows server, which has ample storage. However, it appears that recording is only possible using the Companion NVR.

From what I gather, the Companion NVR line has been discontinued. Does this mean I’m out of luck now? I really need to find a way to store my recordings. Otherwise, my camera system is just for show!

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ve been using 5 Axis Companion Eye LVE cameras for about a year too. I didn’t get the Companion recorder because I thought I could use my Windows server for storage, but it turns out the recordings only work with the Companion NVR.

Since the Companion NVR line is discontinued, it seems tricky, but you’re not out of luck. You can look into using third-party VMS (Video Management Software) that’s compatible with Axis cameras, like Milestone, Blue Iris, or Synology Surveillance Station. These can help you store and manage your recordings on your Windows server.

I’ve had these 5 Axis Companion Eye LVE cameras for a year, but it seems I can’t record without the discontinued Companion NVR. Am I stuck with a fancy security show or is there another way to store recordings?

You’re not out of luck! You can use Synology Surveillance Station or Exact Edge for NAS storage without a PC. Check compatibility with your setup and consider consulting a tech expert for assistance. :+1: