Has Anyone Built Their Own DIY Home Security System?

Has anyone created their own DIY home security system? What components did you install, and what has been effective for you, versus what hasn’t?


I installed my own door, window, shock, and motion sensors along with control panels using alarm.com compatible equipment. I arranged professional monitoring and support through Surety (you can purchase equipment from them or any other source). Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with the setup. The only area that could be seen as lacking is home automation support, though it functions well for basic tasks like controlling lights and garage doors.

As for cameras, I wanted greater control and opted to keep them separate from my alarm system. I built a PC running Blue Iris software and connected it to several IP cameras. While this setup has a learning curve and requires more attention and maintenance than a pre-built NVR, I find the flexibility it offers to be worthwhile.

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I use UniFi for cameras as well.

My original panel lasted nearly 10 years, and I recently got another one from Surety, it’s still going strong.