Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Control

I just moved into a place with bedroom ceiling fans controlled by battery-operated remotes, which is frustrating because my small children often lose them. What are my options for better control? I do not have a smart home hub yet but am considering Hubitat or Home Assistant. I also haven’t bought any smart switches yet.

The light switches on the walls control an outlet in the room for additional lamps. Is there an IR emitter I can add to the room to control the fans from a wall switch using automation?

Replacing them with BigAss fans is a last resort since they are about $1k each. I am looking for a more affordable solution that isn’t just bolting the remote to the wall. Any suggestions?


To control devices like ceiling fans and wall-mounted air conditioners, you can use an IR blaster with an external infrared emitter. Some models cover up to 270 degrees. Place an external emitter near your fan to automate its control.

Brands like CommandFusion offer IR blasters with extra connectors for direct control. You’ll need an automation system like Home Assistant or Hubitat to set this up.
Alternatively, consider an IR repeating system to send signals from your remote to devices in other rooms, avoiding wall-mounted remotes. Smart switches can replace old wall switches and allow control via an app.
Arduino and Raspberry Pi are both excellent platforms for DIY projects, especially when combined with IR emitters for various applications like remote control, home automation, or even robotics.

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To be honest, I had the same ones and used command strips to mount the remote on the wall. However, it seems like you have some better long-term possibilities.