Good Wireless Doorbell Camera with no subscription?

Hi there,

I am searching for a dependable wireless doorbell camera that runs solely on batteries and does not require any kind of subscription. Ideally, the videos can be saved to a memory card or a similar device. Any recommendations or ones you have tried? It would also be fantastic if it had a screen of its own, much like a baby monitor, so that users could rely on it rather than a smartphone.


hey, Ive recently installed one for a client. I wouldn’t vouch for it but it really impressed me. You can search up for the XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera
I think its sold on the company’s website. My client told me it cost him between $65-75

Look for cameras like the XTU or Reolink battery-powered video doorbells. These are reliable, subscription-free, and store videos on microSD cards.

The downside? They won’t have a built-in screen like a baby monitor. However, most connect to your smartphone so you can see who’s there whenever you want. These might be a great option, but keep in mind the lack of a screen.