Filtering false alarms

hey guys. my security system sends me alerts for everything from squirrels to shadows… any way to filter out the false alarms?

I finally picked up a Driveway alarm and wired it to the digital input.

Works 100% now, with no false alerts.

This one is usually wired to a gate opener to open or close the gate.

It takes 12 v DC and gives you a relay closure when a metal object drives by.

I use a Reolink camera and I use its slider to set any value of motion sensitivity between 1 and 50. At level 50, the camera is usually extremely motion-sensitive and so it detects even simple movements. So, it just depends. At level one to ten, the motion sensitivity is greatly reduced so I prefer to use it at night when there are fairly fewer activities going on in my neighbourhood.

What type of security system are you using? I think you may be having an installation problem.
Maybe you might have exposed your cameras to potential environmental temperature changes.
So, consider installing your camera away from crowded locations away from squirrels and trees, if that might be the problem.