Driveway alarm system suggestions

I live in the countryside, and my driveway is pretty long, about 250 feet. It’s just me and my two dogs at home. Sometimes, especially at night, people come into my driveway unexpectedly. Once, I even found a man halfway down my driveway when my floodlights turned on. I’m thinking of getting an alarm to let me know if someone comes down my driveway. I’d like it to work with my smart system or send alerts to my phone when I’m not home. I don’t want something that only makes a doorbell sound because that would make my dogs bark every time. I have good internet, so wifi is not a problem. But, we have animals like deer and coyotes around, so I don’t want something that gets set off by them. Any suggestions would be helpful!

Think about an intelligent driveway motion sensor alarm system. Seek for versions that provide configurable phone alerts and integrate with your current smart home setup. Choose ones that can be adjusted in sensitivity to prevent wildlife from setting off false alerts. This should increase security without unduly bothering your dogs.

Think about setting up an intelligently integrated motion sensor alarm system for your driveway. Select devices that offer customizable sensitivity to reduce the number of false alerts caused by wildlife. Make sure it works with the current smart home setup you have so you can receive notifications on your phone and monitor remotely. Choose solutions that allow you to customize alerts to distinguish between activity from other animals and people. This will provide efficient security for your pets without causing them undue stress.