Driveway alarm suggestions

I live in the countryside, and my driveway is pretty long, about 250 feet. I’m a woman who lives alone with my two dogs. Sometimes, at night, strangers drive into my driveway. Once, I even found a man walking halfway down my driveway after someone turned on my floodlights. I want to get an alarm to warn me if someone comes down my driveway. I’d like it to connect to a smart system or send alerts to my phone when I’m not home. I don’t want something that just rings a doorbell because that would make my dogs bark every time. I have fast internet, so wifi is no problem. But there are also animals like deer and coyotes around, so I need something that won’t be triggered by them. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Wow, that sounds like a scary situation, especially living alone at night with a long driveway.

It’s completely understandable that you want an alarm system that provides peace of mind.

Rain lashed outside, making Sarah consider a driveway alarm. With John, she debated the options: PIR sensors or magnetic strips? Phone alerts or indoor alarms? Their research quest had just begun.