Does Brinks Home Security do door to door sales?

Does Brinks Home Security still undertake door-to-door sales? I am curious about their current sales strategy, and whether they use direct door-to-door marketing to acquire clients. Are there any recent experiences or updates on this?

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Brinks does conduct door-to-door advertising in some states, including Utah. If approached, simply say, “We are not interested. Leave and do not come back.”

Regardless of what Brinks is offering, you will be much better off with any DIY system in terms of total cost and reliability. Alternatively, you can use a local security company just ensure they aren’t a Brinks or ADT reseller.

I had Brinks for a while, right as they transitioned from Livewatch. The price was reasonable, and the panel (Simon XTi 5) was good. However, getting support was extremely difficult. They randomized the master PIN, so you would have to call every time you needed to make changes, and they’d randomize it again a few hours later. Their hold times were typically several hours long, claiming “unprecedented growth and hiring new staff to help” the entire time I was with them.

They also frequently missed alarms and contacted us about other people’s alarm events. So, not only was support hard to get, but they were also unreliable.