DIY non subscription Alarm system?

I am looking for a hardware system that can set off an alarm and notify a cell phone in the event of a burglary. Sensors on a couple windows and on a couple doors. Do not want to pay subscription fees. Can do hardware and software setup. What are my options? What do you guys recommend?

I recommend you to use these two:

  1. SimpliSafe - Offers a range of kits and individual devices including door/window sensors and alarms. No monthly fee is required to use the basic alarm features, but mobile alerts need their standard plan.
  2. Ring Alarm - Known for easy setup and integration with other Ring products. No subscription is required for basic alarm functionality. However, to access mobile alerts and remote monitoring, a minimal monthly fee is necessary.

The options are
SimpliSafe delivers an easy-to-use, no-subscription system with WiFi connectivity for alerts. Wyze offers cost-effective security kits under $100 without monthly fees, perfect for straightforward monitoring. For those with technical expertise, building a personalized system with Raspberry Pi and Z-Wave or Zigbee sensors is a budget-friendly option that allows for extensive customization.

You might want to consider using something like Home Assistant. It is a whole automation platform that you install on a machine in your home. There’s an add-on called Alarmo or something similar that could be useful for your needs.

You have two options: the Honeywell Vista 20P with an EyezOn Envisalink 4 or a DSC PowerSeries (non-Neo) with the Envisalink 4. The Envisalink 4 is a third-party module that connects to the alarm system’s ECP bus. It allows for remote control, email, and SMS alerts without any monthly fees, using your internet connection.

This is a helpful comparison for anyone considering SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm as options for home security systems. You’ve outlined the key benefits of both, highlighting their ease of setup and basic functionality without mandatory subscriptions.