Disappointed Blu by adt

I reside in a mid-sized 3-bedroom bungalow and recently experienced a break-in through my sunroom. Seeking security, I turned to ADT, assuming their reputation as a trusted name would provide peace of mind. Unfortunately, my experience was disappointing. Despite signing a contract, the alarm system they provided for $48 a month fell short. The promised touch panel was replaced with a Wi-Fi router-like device that lacked effectiveness. Door sensors frequently malfunctioned or triggered false alarms, and the phone app remained stuck in trial mode without any monitoring for two weeks. Shockingly, during this time, another break-in occurred, yet the system failed to alert me despite having motion and door sensors. Furthermore, the camera system proved unreliable and missed significant motion events. Cancelling the service took five days, with no refund provided, and I was left to cover the return shipping costs of their subpar equipment.


I never wanted to sign up with them, but Ihad no choice when they took over the company I’d been with for nearly a decade.

I’ve been stuck paying for their alarm service for my old apartment, even though it didn’t need monitoring, for the past two years. Now that I can finally cancel, they’re hassling me about returning window sensors to avoid a penalty. The system was terrible from the start, and I had paid someone to install it, not them.

Overall, it’s been a nightmare dealing with ADT, and I won’t be using their services again.

Sorry to hear that you had to go through that in their hands too.

Despite committing to a contract and shelling out $48 monthly, the alarm system they installed proved inadequate. Instead of the promised touch panel, I received a device resembling a Wi-Fi router, lacking the effectiveness I had anticipated.

To my dismay, another break-in occurred during this trial period, yet the system failed to alert me, despite being equipped with motion and door sensors.

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Living in a cozy 3-bedroom bungalow, I recently faced a security breach through my sunroom, prompting me to seek out a reliable solution.