Completely dark electric blackout blinds

I have two 3’x4’ bedroom windows in a prominent area and need dual-layer electric blinds compatible with IFTTT. I want:

  1. Open mode to see through and open the window.
  2. Blackout mode for complete darkness.
  3. Light filtering mode to let in light without visibility from outside.

Budget isn’t an issue. Do such blinds exist? Absolute blackout is essential.


Ive seen this in hotels. Two separate rollers for the 2 fabrics. Blackout one uses channels to achieve full blackout.

Another way for blackout is to have an oversized roller on the outside of the window, big enough to handle any light leakage. Has to have a good ampunt of oversize, and be very close to the wall. Then you could have a normal shade inset for translucent.


@Eagle At the HA facility where I worked, this is how we would have handled it.

Two rollers. channels or oversized in case of a blackout.