CCTV compromised by Faxociety

We received the following message on our Hikvision camera system:

“Your CCTV system is vulnerable and can be exposed. Fix it please - DIY or Telegram me - Faxociety.”

Has anyone else encountered this issue, and is there a solution? I’ve heard that I may need to factory reset the unit to remove the message. All my passwords were strong, and all firmware was up to date.

I had a similar problem with my Hikvision system. It proved out to be a command injection vulnerability caused by poor input validation, which allowed attackers to transmit malicious commands. If your firmware is older than version 210628, it may be affected. To address the issue, I updated my firmware to the current version. Factory reset may help remove the notice, but make sure your firmware is up to current. Despite strong passwords, this vulnerability can still be exploited, thus updating is critical.

I saw this message when my dad’s friend showed me a picture of his CCTV being hacked. But don’t worry. Faxociety is a good hacker who helps people. To stop this from happening again, you should make your password stronger.