Canceling Brinks Home Security Experience

As some of you probably know, canceling Brinks Home Security is the most arduous process you can go through.

We called to cancel. They give you the sales-man pitch to get you to stay. They told me we had 6 months left on my contract that I have to pay for. I said that’s fine. After giving more sales-man pitches, they gave up and said they’ll send us a letter via snail-mail to sign.

The letter didn’t come for a week. From doing some online searches, I found we can cancel by signing electronically. So I called back tell them I haven’t received the letter and wanted to do it electronically. They gave me the same sales-man pitches. But they finally relented and told me they’ll send the email to cancel electronically.

The first email they sent wasn’t the cancelation form. It was another plea to stay with them.

The email finally came 2 days later. So I signed.

In the meantime, I finally received the snail mail letter to sign. I read the letter. They asked me to mail the cancelation form and the check for my remaining balance to a specific address. That address was different from the self-addressed envelop they sent me! WTF

After a few days I signed electronically, I got another email saying I still have a contract remaining (which we knew) explaining they can’t cancel unless that amount is taken care of, and gave a phone number to call for the next steps.

I called that phone number, and he gives me another sales-man pitch to not cancel. After insisting I’m ready to pay it off right now, he put me on hold–for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, their machine said they have higher than normal call volume and wanted to know if I wanted to keep waiting. I pressed 2 to keep waiting. Then a different person picked up and asked me what I needed. I explained my situation and they finally took my credit card number to process the final payment. She said it will take 1 month for this to process and to cancel. She also said she’ll email me the receipt.

I don’t have the receipt yet. Is this not over? Is my account actually canceled or do I need to call them again next month?