Canceled ADT and now all cameras, sensors, & smart home features have been disabled. Would switching the control panel get them back in working order?

As the title states I recently canceled my ADT service. The control panel came with the purchase of the home. It was a new construction. I purchased all the equipment in regard to cameras and sensors. So that all belongs to me. I knew I’d lose access to their app and monitoring services, but I did not expect to also lose access to my control panel and other smart home features. How do I go about reconnecting my cameras and sensors to the control panel? Do I have to reset the control panel or do I have to have it replaced? Or is there another way about doing this?

I understand my cameras, sensors, and smart home features are disabled after cancelling service. Is there any way to reactivate them for self-monitoring, even if it’s without ADT’s professional monitoring service?

Usually, ADT systems are designed to work with their monitoring service.

When you cancel, the features and functionalities might be limited.