Can you find a bedroom door that keeps you safe?

Hello guys, I was searching for something to make the room super safe, like a fortress. But I didn’t want it to make the door look super thick like a bank vault.

Are they difficult to move or put in?

Thanks for any ideas!

Most of these options can be installed by a professional or a handy homeowner.

The difficulty of installation will vary depending on the specific product you choose

Hello @Donna
When you want to make your bedroom safer, there are special doors you can get that are made to be really strong. These doors are sometimes called safe room doors or panic room doors. They have some important features:

  1. Bulletproof: Some doors can stop bullets, so they keep you safe from guns.
  2. Blastproof: These doors can handle big explosions or really bad weather without breaking.
  3. Extra strong: The doors are usually made of really tough materials like strong steel to stop people from breaking in.
  4. Special locks: These doors have really good locks, like ones that lock in multiple places or need your fingerprint to open.