Can I get a motion-activated night light that only turns on when it's dark?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I bought some basic lights, but they turn on during the day and are way too bright (almost blinding). I’m looking for a dim light, just bright enough to see the walls, that only works when it’s dark. It’s annoying that there are not many outlets in this hallway.

I suggest trying out the “GE Enbrighten Motion-Activated LED Night Light.” It features a light sensor to ensure it only activates in darkness, and it offers adjustable brightness settings to suit your preferences. This model is known for its reliability and energy efficiency, making it a great choice for your hallway lighting needs.

Consider purchasing LED night lights with motion sensors that can be adjusted for brightness and include dusk to dawn sensors. They require few outlets, only turn on in the dark, and offer just the correct amount of illumination.

hi alex yes u can get ,this plug-in night light utilizes passive infrared (PIR) motion detection, activating only when it detects a human body. It features adjustable shut-off timing and a broad detection range.