Can I control my lights with my phone even if the wall switch is off?

I’m new to smart home technology, and while finishing our basement, I thought smart pot lights would be perfect for the bedroom. I don’t want a regular power switch to interfere with controlling the lights through my phone. For example, if the switch is off, I still want to be able to turn the lights on or off with my phone. I want both the switch and the phone to work independently. My electrician said this isn’t possible, and the switch must always be “on” while the phone controls the lights. I’m not sure if this is true. How can I find out?

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At the switch, bypass the smart switch so that the lights are constantly on. There will be no load connected to the smart switch. Then you’ll need something to communicate between the switch and the lights, such as r/homeassistant or some other hub. The disadvantage is that if Home Assistant or the hub are not working, your switch will not control the lights.