Can autonomous drones effectively patrol home perimeters for enhanced security?

Hey guys, do you think those autonomous drones could actually patrol our home’s perimeter for better security? Like, imagine something as cool as a Roomba flying around our house every now and then.

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I use autonomous drones to patrol my home’s perimeter for security. They are equipped with cameras and sensors to monitor the area and send real time alerts for any suspicious activity.

If you’re concerned about it, keep in mind that this might not be legal where you live.

They are effective but I am skeptical because of their battery life. You would have to be in a state of consistent monitoring. Not ideal if you want to travel a few days away from home

Yes, autonomous drones can effectively patrol home perimeters and enhance security because drones can cover large areas and provide comprehensive surveillance from multiple angles, including aerial views that static cameras cannot offer​.

Yes they can. Autonomous drones are equipped with cameras and sensors thus can provide real-time video feeds and alerts to homeowners or security services, allowing for immediate responses to potential threats.