Can anyone recommend baseboard LED lighting options?

I have a HomeAssistant (RPi4) setup that allows Siri to control Zigbee and non-HomeKit devices using HomeKit.

An electrician is installing a relay so my Aqara camera motion sensor can turn on the front porch light. They will install the relay inside the wall. I prefer Zigbee or Matter/Thread devices, but HomeKit Wi-Fi devices are also okay.

Can you recommend well-priced devices?


Consider various lighting directions (top glow, bottom glow, based on the purpose and atmosphere of the space. Choose the length, placement, and impact, like the ambient, accent that you want from your LED baseboards.


Try COB LED strips. They might be just what you’re looking for.

I recommend Meross Smart Wi-Fi Switch. It offers a range of HomeKit-compatible devices, including smart Wi-Fi switches that can be used to control your porch light.

Sonoff Basic ZBR3 Zigbee Smart Switch would be a great pick. It is a cost-effective Zigbee relay switch that can be controlled via Zigbee and integrates well with HomeAssistant.

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Antonio, thanks for the advice. I will absolutely take the purpose of the room and various lighting orientations into account when selecting LED baseboards. It makes sense to consider factors like ambient or accent lighting, such as placement, length, and desired impact. Thank you for the guidance!