Camera system recommendations for small apartment building

I manage a modest apartment building and need to improve security following recent events. I intend to install cameras outside two entryways, the alley, and potentially in common halls later. I have Wi-Fi connectivity in these regions, as well as a maintenance room where a base station may be installed if needed. The power supply is accessible at the camera positions.

I am thinking about starting with at least four cameras and perhaps growing to more than eight. My purpose is to dissuade suspicious activities visibly. Remote live broadcasting and cloud storage are essential aspects. While alerts and alarms are not required, integrated floodlights for two cameras may be useful. I do not anticipate needing PTZ functionality.


Cloud storage is popular for a variety of reasons. However, if your internet connection fails, you will lose access to your recordings during that period. Furthermore, managing many high-quality cameras can use a large amount of your upstream bandwidth. If you choose 24/7 recording, the storage expenses can add up rapidly.

Using a local NVR can help with these concerns. It enables for remote live streaming and replay, similar to cloud storage, without requiring an internet connection.

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Reolink with NVR is an excellent choice. Choose a 16-channel setup and start with 8 cameras. This system costs approximately $1000 on Amazon. Cat6 network cables are required because the cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE). Avoid using WiFi since it can be unreliable.