Brinks camera system reviews

Good evening everyone,

We’re in the process of buying a new home that comes with a Brinks home security system, which includes an alarm system, front door remote lock, thermostat, video doorbell, and cameras. Currently, we use a Ring doorbell and a couple of battery cams, costing us $3 a month. The seller says we can transfer their Brinks system for about $62 a month. Is it worth it, or should we just expand our existing Ring system?

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From a personal experience:

Brinks is a really good security system. It keeps your home safe with pros who watch over it, and they’ll set it up for you too.
They also help with things like fire or medical emergencies. If you have fancy gadgets at home, Brinks plays nice with them.
Its only downside is that it is expensive. It involves signing a long term contract and monthly subscriptions can be costly.
If you’re watching your pennies, this might make you think twice.

From what I know it’s best you consider your priorities, that is cost, features and ease of use.
If professional monitoring is essential, Brinks could be worth it. Otherwise, expanding your existing Ring system may be a more economical choice.