Both garage doors mysteriously opened middle of night

BOTH of our side garage doors opened mysteriously last night. No signs of break in or robbery, police checked house and perimeter. We don’t have security cameras on the garage but no activity on our front or back security cameras. No sleepwalkers in the house. Garage was checked and locked before we went to bed. Garage repairman hasn’t inspected anything yet but thought it was highly unusual/unlikely a circuit issue or power surge would cause BOTH doors to open. It was a little windy and there is snow drifting. No sign of power outage. Any ideas or possible explanations welcome, we, and the police are baffled.

Editing original post to add: Outside opener with code does not work. Car remotes were in unlocked cars in the garage, they have two separate buttons for each door. Inside the garage we have two separate openers for each door, one brand is Genie and the other is Wayne Dalton. Husband out of the country for work so this has been alarming. Thank you for the feedback.

A typical explanation for a garage door opening on its own during the night could be attributed to misaligned sensors or malfunctioning mechanisms. The photoelectric reversal system, which relies on sensors to identify obstacles in the closing door’s path, may gradually misalign with usage.