Best Wired Security System Recommendations?

Hey Folks,

I’m in the process of setting up a security system for my home and am leaning towards a wired system for reliability and no need to worry about battery replacements. There are so many options out there, and I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Can anyone recommend the best wired security systems on the market right now? I’m looking for something with high-quality cameras, good customer support, and reliable performance. Any insights on installation or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance…

Setting up a wired security system is a solid choice for reliability and consistent performance. One highly recommended option is the Hikvision wired security system. Hikvision is known for its high-quality cameras with excellent resolution and night vision capabilities. Their systems are often praised for reliability and ease of installation, although professional installation might be required for optimal setup. Another excellent choice is Lorex. Lorex offers a range of wired security systems with 4K Ultra HD cameras, advanced motion detection, and easy remote viewing via mobile apps. They are known for their robust customer support and user-friendly interfaces. Both Hikvision and Lorex provide reliable performance and comprehensive features suitable for home security needs. When considering a system, ensure it meets your specific requirements for camera quality, storage options, and integration with other smart home devices.

Top Wired Security Systems:

Pros: Well-established brand, professional monitoring, strong customer support.
Cons: Expensive installation, lengthy contracts.

Pros: Affordable wired system option, choice of self-monitoring or professional monitoring, good customer support.
Cons: Limited camera selections compared to competitors.

Ring Alarm Pro:
Pros: Flexibility with wired and wireless components, integrates seamlessly with Ring cameras and doorbells, reliable customer support.
Cons: Requires professional installation for wired components, ongoing costs for monitoring contracts.

Brinks Home Security:
Pros: Offers professional monitoring and installation, diverse package options, reliable customer service.
Cons: Higher pricing than some competitors, potentially lengthy contract commitments.

Installation Considerations:

Professional vs. DIY: Wired systems can be complex to install, so consider your comfort level with DIY projects versus opting for professional installation, which ensures proper setup but increases costs.

Pre-wiring: If your home isn’t pre-wired for a security system, factor in additional expenses for drilling and wiring during professional installation.

Additional Factors to Consider:

Monitoring Options: Decide between self-monitoring or professional monitoring, with the latter offering 24/7 response but requiring a monthly fee.

Scalability: Choose a system that allows easy expansion for adding cameras or other components in the future.

Customer Feedback: Check online reviews from verified users to gain insights into real-world experiences with different security system providers.

I’m quite pleased with my Hik Connect and Hi Look cameras. They are POE and connect to an NVR.